Our Profile



Hospitech Service and Sales journey has started around 10 years ago with an ambition of achievement in Health Care   Business. We  had started with  Oxygen Therapy Equipment and Portable  Anaesthesia Equipment  and day by day we have grown up , now we are  well equipped  to market  Central Pipe Line Systems (Oxygen / Nitrous Oxide /Vacuum / Compressed Air) and all type of Anaesthesia Equipment along with  Anaesthesia & ICU Ventilator.


During this tenure we achieved lot of successes in Health Care Business in many Health Institutions and Medical Colleges in mainly West Bengal as well as outside the state.


Our main aim is to increase Customer satisfactions and maintain optimize Customer Satisfaction Index. Thus we maintain friendly relation with our customers.


We are very much transparent with our many channel partners who are always involved with us to develop market, negotiate and close the deal.  We always maintain our network to provide better service to our customers.


We maintain good quality work in Central Pipe Line Systems, ensuring all types of specifications like HTM 2022 or equivalent.  We are specialized in all types of Pendants.


Service is our first priority. We ensure   preventive service towards Anaesthesia Equipment, Central Pipe Line Systems and other equipment. We always give preference towards warranty service.